Investment Strategy

Monroe recognizes opportunity when it arises, creates opportunities through relationships and vision, and executes the steps necessary to realize the full potential of each investment. The firm buys industrial, retail, residential and office properties in improving locations within proven markets, and then works to mitigate risks and liberate value through redevelopment, repositioning, operational changes and financial structuring. The typical investment horizon is three to seven years.

Monroe’s investment process includes:

Identifying opportunities

The insight and knowledge of Monroe’s principals allow the firm to understand the risks, opportunities and nuances of each potential investment. Decades of real estate experience have yielded many trusted industry contacts. These relationships are essential to the firm’s ability to secure the best investment opportunities.

Monroe considers a number of factors when evaluating properties for acquisition. While the firm remains true to the fundamentals, including location, relative market position, demand and growth drivers, and barriers to entry, it probes other issues as well, such as:

  • The owner’s reasons for disposition
  • Competitive threats to key tenants, geographically and industrywide
  • Capital market trends and cycles

Due diligence

Monroe studies each opportunity exhaustively to identify risks and implement strategies to manage those risks. The firm’s process includes:

  • Interviewing tenants
  • Reviewing ownership documents
  • Reviewing historical operating performance
  • Considering future growth prospects
  • Identifying growth drivers and demographic trends affecting market performance


For each property Monroe acquires, the firm develops a plan to realize the investment’s full potential. Based on the investment’s background and specific challenges, that plan may include structural or cosmetic improvements, managing the tenant roster, or repositioning the property. The firm drives investment value through changes at the property level, municipal action and capital infusion. To achieve the best results, Monroe marshals the resources of outside parties, such as environmental consultants, architects, engineers and government agencies, while maintaining complete control of the process.